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info@e-xpresscourier.com  +232 88 882414                   Konabe Junction, Kenema, Sierra Leone
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Excellent Express Courier (SL) Limited

Konabe Junction
Kenema City
Sierra Leone
+232 88 882414
       +232 79606455

USA:   +1785325422
UK:     +44 1225 292320
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Bonded Security

At Excellent Express Courier, our mission is to provide and maintain effective, high quality security services to ensure the personal safety of clients, protection of their property/minerals and overall security of the business community that we serve. The company strives to deliver innovative, efficient and cost-effective services, and is dedicated to excellence through professionalism and quality customer service.

Statement of Company Values
Excellent Express Courier is a company that cares about our clients we serve. We are an organization whose principals and beliefs guide the services that we provide. Key values include:
To be committed to honest and ethical behavior
To treat clients with fairness, loyalty, and respect
To accept responsibility and accountability for business and service provided
To maintain a quality of professionalism for employees through training, development and education
Each of these services can be coupled with a variety of technological applications, which when combined, result in a comprehensive security program.

Minerals Transportation & Export Documentation
In order to reduce the chance of loss by poor packaging, start by finding a box that is strong enough to withstand the weight of your shipment. Lightweight corrugated cardboard will cushion your package and is extremely strong. Fill any cracks with shipping materials such as newspaper or bubble wrap.
If you're shipping coins, place them in a padded envelope or tape them together to prevent them from moving around the package during shipping. Insert a packing slip that lists the contents, your contact information and recipient's contact information. Once your box is packed, place it into a second outer box that is one inch larger in diameter. Fill the space between the two boxes with packing materials to further protect your precious metal.
Tape your outer box securely with packaging tape. Address the label clearly without using any words that allude to what the box contains. In other words, if a company name has "precious metals" or "gold" in it, leave that off. Weigh your package so that you have a reference before shipping.
Shipments that contains special documentations like Gold, Diamond, Silver and other Precious metals should be in clean containers for our testing facility and weighing. Those goods are securely handle by our professional staff, client should do a walk in to be present for testing the minerals before packaging, weighing and labeling to final destination. EEC also ships to refineries on behalf of clients. Please contact the Head office in Sierra Leone for more information.

Regular Pickups

If you have regular deliveries that need to go out on schedule, you’ll need a reliable courier service to ensure that they’re picked up and dropped off reliably. Excellent Express Courier is your ideal partner! With our scheduled regular courier services, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to make sure your delivery makes it where it needs to be, when you need it to be there. Whether you have bi-monthly supply pickups or monthly import of precious metals, our fast, efficient, and courteous couriers will make sure that your delivery is in good hands.

Our turnaround times are incredibly quick, making our scheduled regular courier service ideal for contract pickups and other critical deliveries. We can also pick up and deliver paperwork for businesses with satellite offices, making it easy to ensure that all of your locations stay in touch and reliably receive the information they need to work effectively.

Since 2004 Excellent Express Courier has been providing top quality customer service to clients throughout the minerals and other precious metals buying and selling regions. Our staffs are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment to guarantee that they’re able to utilize the fastest routes so that your scheduled delivery will arrive on time. We believe that our staffs are the extended arm of our company, so we hire people who are courteous and professional to ensure that your courier experience is simple and pleasant from start to finish. Our courier services are fully insured and our staff are equipped with liability insurance and workman’s compensation.
Heavy Parcel Delivery
Many people want to send parcels which are heavier, bulkier or longer than the standard parcel sizes accepted on a parcel network.
Excellent Express Courier however offers a variety of delivery services for oversized parcels, as well as having a Freight Parcel department to process parcels with the following credentials;
Length of up to 300cm x Width 100cm x Height 99cm
Weight up to 99kg
If you own a business which regularly send heavy parcel shipments or large and heavy parcels then please contact us to discuss your requirements - we look forward to hearing from you.

Parcel Freight Services
Freight parcels are particularly good for products such as flat-pack furniture, garden furniture & play equipment.  Please remember that this is still a conveyorable network service, so packaging will still need to be appropriate and of the highest standard.
If you are just sending a one-off oversized parcel, then please call our customer service team who will be pleased to take details of your parcel weight and dimensions and can choose the most appropriate service available for your parcel delivery requirements.

Long Parcel Delivery
Most parcel companies only take parcels up to 1 metre in length, but being part of Excellent Express Courier access to many different types of parcel service - this means that we can deliver your long parcel.
Parcels up to 3 metres Long
If your parcel is up to 3 metres in length then we can ship this via the Freight Parcel Network: it will still be on a next day delivery and we can still ship to every part of the world without any surcharges.
Freight Parcels are very well suited to longer items including things like sports equipment, carpets & rugs, skis and surfboards, fishing equipment and household furniture.
Please remember though that as the freight network is still a conveyorable service items still need to be packaged appropriately. It is recommended that long items are packed in triangular or square packages rather than round tubes.
Let's talk about our excellence
services in delivering packages and parcels on behalf of our clients